Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Speaking of streaming in my last post, I recall collecting my SRP certificate and letter of offer from my alma mater in 1991.


Automatically, students who scored 8As or 7As would be placed in the science stream. Never mind dreams!

I knew then that it wasn't my interest to read pure science and solve additional mathematics for 2 years in my upper secondary years. I was not lucky enough to meet with a career counsellor at that age to find out what were the pre-conditions and prerequisite subjects to courses that might have led me to pursuing a career in interior design and the like. 

Despite being naively ignorant, I built my courage to ask for a slight change. 

So I read commerce and accounts with additional mathematics (instead of economics). The best part was this option came with art, so it was really fun!

Truth is, it was crazy to volunteer for additional mathematics as I have no passion for calculus! My first failure in my life was Additional Math. 8/100 *what was I thinking?!* The absolute good that came from this was doing the same additional mathematics at Year 12 level, only tougher because it in English. Ha! 

The rest is history. I did not become the interior designer I had so wished (despite having additional mathematics to calculate all sorts of materials akin to quantity surveying). The closest I have been to interior design is in communicating with the firm we hired before we moved into The Flat. Oh well.

I pray so hard now that my children will someday not be as silly as I had been when their turn comes. I pray that they will choose wisely. I know not what future jobs they are studying for, but I know they need the right motivation, direction and skills to face their future to earn halal income in the right industry with passion from within them. 

There is only one who knows, truly Allah swt is All Knowing, and has the best Plan and Purpose for them. May His Blessings and Guidance be with my children, always. Amin!

By design or default, I am where I am so I am just going to be redha and trust Him. 

Have you always known your direction, my lovelies? Please do share your journey, I'd love to hear!


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