Monday, 17 November 2014


Monk, has anyone watched this American series before?

One tiresome/quirky trait the character that Monk has is OCD, and how he would segregate his food into neat piles by type and colour to eat. It was cute to watch on screen.

I was given the task to serve a neat bowl of udon for dinner. Not as cute as an episode of Monk...

The Little Girl is going through a phase of "eating neatly", I feel she is taking it too literally. She has a favourite dinner plate/canteen in which I can put different food in each segregated space and I use that if I were in a hurry.

The broth was underneath the pile "but not drowning" her food. She then ate it type by type, systematically. Well, I was thankful she did!

I am going to count how many times she chews each mouthful tomorrow just to up the anté! Add no talking and no singing. The toughest part is preventing her from distracting Bean during meals. 

Wish me luck!

(I wonder how she eats her nasi campur at Playschool).


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