Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Back to Work Wardrobe

*Caution: this is a fluffy post*

In preparation of my mission to return to gainful employment, I am rebuilding my work clothes and essential pieces. I still believe in capsule wardrobe which enables easy mix and match while saving precious minutes every morning.

Of course, I also believe in having the right niat, people skills, brains, experience, support system, technical know-how, talent, passion and *cue for fluff*... looks. I must look the role. It is part of grooming, and marketing oneself properly, representing the brand one works with.

Also, different people achieve different goals with their bonus and year end rewards. Zakat, first and foremost, for Muslims. It is only 2.5%, folks. Come on! Then, please set aside some for savings and financial commitments etc. 
In order to "really" reward myself, I *cue for more fluff* buy shoes and bags. My closet has purses, clutch bags, work bags, diaper bags etc which all tell a backstory of how hard I had worked for each piece of them. Same with my shoes! When I put them on, I feel confident about myself. I feel like I have a piece of my own "behind the scene" stories which can power me on in the board room. It reminds me of how Allah swt blesses me. 

Needless to say, The Other Half is very lucky I have yet to reward myself with Chopard and exquisite time pieces. I can hear that sigh of relief!

So, if you see someone resembling me trying on office-y clothes, and carting home replacement pairs of 6.5D Vara, in the next few days, do stop me in my tracks and say "Happy New Year!"

P/S: impeccable service at Salvatore Ferragamo, The Gardens. So glad to know Salvatore Ferragamo Italy has terminated the franchise and is now running the boutiques directly. Bravo!


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