Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Joyeux Anniversaire

A family that eats together stays together.  Well, my family, at least.

My SIL is back for a short visit with my eldest nephew and naturally the focus has become what my SIL wishes to eat, KL being full of halal options nearly 90% of the time (or at least where we frequent).

Yesterday, we celebrated my MIL's birthday. It was breakfast at home, lunch at Bosphorus, birthday cupcakes from Bisou to have with tea at home, dinner at Celadon and supper at home. I cope by eating smaller portions, and losing my appetite easily from having to take turns feeding my 2 little ones, as they get distracted seeing a cousin around.

Today is no different. Breakfast at home, lunch at Tony Roma's, tea cakes from Nyonya Colours and dinner at Komura. The plan when eating out at Japanese restaurants is for me to keep my order simple and fast to eat - salmon sashimi. I can never go wrong with this because it takes about 2 minutes for me to finish my meal. It needs no cooling down time, not as much chewing, 5 lifts using chopsticks at most and clean! After that, I can just sip my green tea and nibble at the fruit platter. Read: feed my toddler and persuade my pre-schooler to finish her meal and not to be distracted. 

Wrong! We ended up ordering and eating a bit too much because it was the year end buffet! Luckily the short walk home helped metabolise some excess. Alhamdulillah.

How do you celebrate your MIL's birthday, my lovelies? Do you have a special routine or take a holiday? I'd love to hear!


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