Friday, 19 December 2014

Legoland Malaysia Resort

shall not write a review of Legoland Malaysia Resort as there are countless great reviews already blogged about.

Suffice to note this was the highlight of this short getaway for the kids. We had arrived the night before, checked-in late at Doubletree JB and even had to wait for our connecting room (it was a good wait by eating dinner at Makan Kitchen). By the time we unpacked, showered and settled down, it was late. 

The Little Girl was super excited the following day as we were visiting Legoland. We had purchased the single entry one day pass for theme park only so she knew it was going to be "precious". We drove from JB to Nusajaya guided by Garmin without issues.

The parts The Little Girl loved best were Driving School, Boating School, fire truck mission, Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney musical, train ride, Bug, pony ride and playground. She queued patiently and understood to return later if a particular queue was going to be more than 15 minutes.

Bravos to all other parents and children that day. Stellar rating for queuing patiently and orderly. Not a single incident of queue cutting *5 stars*

Bean fell asleep at Miniland so The Other Half and I took turns carrying him while he slept. Every time I leave his Ergobaby Carrier in the car, he sleeps! On me! I am very puzzled as to the how and why. It was hot and humid so I stayed in the shaded pavilion under the fans while waiting for The Little Girl and The Other Half.

The second half of our day was after a popcorn break to wait out a slight drizzle. We then discovered a semi-covered playground! It is a good idea to have built one for days with showers; but humidity issues are not addressed so it felt like sauna under the canopy. We skipped this after seeing flushed cheeks on all 4 of us.

We proceeded to The Castle for a look-see without taking the roller-coaster rides, queued for Star Wars and finally got ready for leaving. We waited for our PhotoAir package by browsing the shops for souvenir. The final snack we ate was to fill our tummies and quench our thirst before driving back to Doubletree JB (with room service for dinner in mind!).

The walk back was a little sad for The Little Girl who had predictably refused to leave. We consoled her with promise of Bob the Builder and followed by shopping at Johor Premium Outlets the following day, and she reluctantly agreed. 

Once we arrived at the open air car park where we had parked our family car earlier, we could feel the heat rising from the ground. There were trees planted, supposedly to provide shade, but unfortunately the trees were not thriving. I suspect it is due to buried rocks and hard soil, making it difficult to root and grow properly. The trees looked like bonsai.

Let's hope that the trees at the car park would have grown taller and shadier by out next visit in a couple of years, in sha Allah. We bet Bean would enjoy Legoland Resort Malaysia a lot more once he is tall enough for the rides. 

The Other Half and I now know to plan and book ahead for a two day multiple entry pass so that we can walk across to Medini Mall for meals and breaks. We may even consider booking into the theme rooms at the hotel itself. In sha Allah, next time.

Thank you for having us, Legoland Malaysia Resort. Bravo for selling apples and mandarin oranges, we especially loved that!


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