Friday, 19 December 2014

Johor Premium Outlets

This is our first trip to Johor Premium Outlet.

Firstly, bravo on the fly traps! Pesky flies are hardly seen.

Secondly, the trees have grown more shady, thus protecting shoppers from the blazing heat. We noted that the landscape management company and/or proprietor could have selected even more shady greens, like the tiered types you see at The Gardens and along Mahameru (who remembers the new road name?).

Thirdly, we are so glad to see eateries other than the food court. Options like Absolute Thai and Kampachi are helping us to extend our leg hours beyond dinner rush hour. The dinner service and food at Kampachi was excellent. The lunch service and food at Dome's left much room for improvement. Crispy Crepe provided us with good snacks, and we especially enjoyed the peanut butter with banana as well as chocolate with banana crepes. 

You guessed it, we were there twice! Every premium/designer outlet begets multiple visits from us, old habits die hard! We would usually mark what we would like to buy and think it over, preventing impulse purchase. As a result of this, we bought almost nothing! The Other Half credits this to The Flat being too close to boutiques at KLCC that we are already immune to the word "Sales",
"Markdown" and "70% off". I concur.

Although we were not thrilled about the limited brands present, we were glad to see the usual suspects on discount. Surprisingly, supermarket and high street mall labels make up 75% of the shops there. Our haul this time is comparatively much smaller than last summer at York Designer Outlets.

If you are a big fan of Burberry, Aigner, Oroton, Furla, Sacoor Bros, Kate Spade, DVF, Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach, Michael Kors and Polo Ralph Lauren then there are some gems waiting for you to mine. We spotted DKNY, Armani Exchange and Boss too.
My best purchase was Akemi Super King Silk Sateen Fitted Sheets. Very makcik good purchase. In fact, I would be silly enough to return just for this sole purpose.

The playground area is not shaded/covered. Let's hope that is room for improvement too. During our first visit, the playground was wet from the rain. The sun was scorching hot on the second day. My kids were disappointed on both days, regrettably. The grass must find a way to grow too.

On the bright side, baby change rooms and family toilets are available. Let's hope they will add some nursing rooms in future, as I personally do not feed inside bathrooms (simple hygiene logic - would you eat inside a toilet?). Thank you for taking this into account when you are looking for ways to improve your property, Genting Simon Sdn. Bhd. 

In conclusion, this place is worth a look-see. See you again next time, Johor Premium Outlets!


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