Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Home Sweet Home

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary at The Flat recently. Every Deepavali since 2011 marks our memories here. We thank Allah swt for shelter and protection in our little cosy home.

In 2012, we did not experience much electrical wear and tear, as The Flat was brand new. However, our door frames paint started bubbling up, popped and let loose dust/fine particles that left me with bronchitis. We have yet to find a contractor who is keen on taking the task of replacing those door frames and doors without ripping our wall paper apart. In order to provide short-term remedy, we have covered the paint bubbles over with contact paper in brown wood grain design. It is an eyesore, as the original paint is white, but one that we have to live with for now. Be thankful for small mercies. 

By 2013, our air-conditioner units started having problems one by one (we have 5) but we managed to service them. Maintenance of these 5 cost as much as buying one new unit and the tipping point came this year when the problematic unit in our master bedroom broke down.

2014 is the year The Other Half and I learn what BTU and HP do to cool our master bedroom down efficiently. We also learn that our concealed hoses and pipes would mean that changing our air-conditioner units to inverter models would first require hacking walls, floors, plaster ceiling and definitely not a project we are keen on.

In addition to BTU and HP, we need to factor in additional requirement as we have tempered glass windows facing west; humidity from master bathroom with added heat from its tempered glass windows, and the bonus of hosting up to 4 persons in the master bedroom (occasionally 2 young persons would be jumping on the bed!).

It was an expensive lesson as the first 1HP air-conditioner we bought wasn't providing sufficient cooling. We tried it for a week and Bean basically perspired whole night long, with irritable waking up for more feeds.

That resulted in a long heart-to-heart chat between The Other Half and I as we tried to find an amicable resolution.

In the end, we agreed to purchase another normal 2HP air-conditioner and trade-in our brand new 1HP Sharp at a loss (we couldn't find anyone to inherit this one week young unit!). In sha Allah, this will keep us cool and sleeping well for years to come.

On another note, we pray the marble tiles will not chip and crack too much, as that would mean topping the entire living and dining with treated laminated wood *cringe at the thought of hard labour involved* already there are some really bad/deep chips and I am trying to find solutions that do not involve carpets (slip hazard, dust).

How do you upkeep and maintain your home? Do you set annual budget allocation for improvements and repairs? Do you have reliable contractors who do a fine job? Please do share!


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