Thursday, 12 February 2015


I simply must confess I love how my time is being used during long hours being stuck in slow moving traffic has improved. It took me awhile to tweak my airwaves preferences as I have been quite out of touch with radio broadcast in the last 5 years.

Two of my current favourite channels are BFM, and IKIM. The former feeds my mind and the latter feeds my soul. It has saved me quite a lot of time as the news updates are clear and frequent on BFM. I especially enjoy interviews with SME leaders and lesser known key managers of lower volume counters with good fundamentals worth looking at. 

On the other hand, I do hope IKIM will improve on its recording sound quality as most recorded interviews are too soft and slightly less crisp (compared to its live broadcasts) which makes following the interviews and recorded shows a tad trickier. 

The wild card channel for me is Capital. The 1-2 pm is relaxing but I have to be careful as the drone can lull me to sleep!

What are you listening to during commute time? Soundcloud? Podcasts? Please do share!


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