Thursday, 12 February 2015

Welcome Home, Bosch Washer!

The replacement washer arrived today at 1.45 pm. Alhamdulillah! TBM has outdone themselves again and we are really pleased with their service. They promised delivery between 2-5pm and by a slightly early delivery, we were free to carry on with the rest of our busy day. 

For a good deal of RM2717, we got ourselves a Bosch Aventixx Vario Perfect 8kg front load washer inclusive of extended warranty, free delivery and installation with free disposal of our spoiled Ariston 2-in-1 washer/dryer that often sounded like a jet was about to take off during every spin cycle. The circuit board must have broken down because it stopped working half way through a regular cycle and had The Other Half fuming from having to wait until a fresh reboot cycle complete way past his bedtime. This is not the first occurrence and our patience has really been tested.

It was a Miele or Bosch washer replacement model debate for a few hours. Our Ariston had been furnished with The Flat so we really did not have a choice for 3+ years. To be fair, it served us the best it could during its tenure but there was no "love". It was utilitarian at best.

The Miele did not get our consumer ringgit this time as the Bosch is simply more easy to purchase at our familiar electronic and electrical store for a reasonably good deal. The Miele is designed to last forever but knowing how brutal I can be with laundry, we figured a Bosch would suffice, at a fraction of the cost of Miele. 

The Other Half and I are both quite glad this replacement phase is happening before the GST kicks in. So glad are we there is no more Boeing jet noise pollution/waking everyone up at spin cycle, knowing exactly how much time a preset wash program would take, silent operation by default, eco friendly options at finger tips, less liquid detergent/softener requirement, washable/removable detergent tray to prevent scum, serviceable filter with front easy access and bigger stainless steel drum. I have yet to discover its other great features as it has only been a day of use (about 5 loads of backlog laundry). Yes, we are in love with this washer. 

We also learnt of a few new facts from this purchase. TBM had collected and sent our spoiled Ariston to their workshop to assess the damage. If it is not too costly to repair, they will carry out the repair at no cost to us then donate the as good as new washer/dryer to a charitable cause. Bravo, TBM! However, in the event the electrician finds the unit to be beyond repair, it will be sent for recycling where salvagable parts will be taken out and the rest sold for a song. We guess our former Electrolux dryer is serving someone somewhere after being repaired. Nothing goes to waste so all is good.

So. Why didn't we repair our appliances instead of buying? 

Down time. We find it tough to manage our laundry during service. Our current appliances are conveniently just outside of warranty period (2 years being the norm) so the cost of service  is ghastly too. If you have a growing family with loads to wash on daily basis, you'd commiserate with me. 

So here is a welcome post to my new washer. Bismillah hirrahmahnirrahim and may this washer serve us well for years to come. Amin!


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