Monday, 16 February 2015

Gratitude: Retail Therapy

I rest my case.

I do not always get "me-time" to shop brick and mortar so I quite often desperately resort to shopping online when breastfeeding and putting Bean to sleep.

Today was an exception. An excellent pre-birthday gift of time. Something to be really grateful for, and worthy of a post.

The Other Half and The Kids went about playing with toys on display at Hamley's and ToysRUs earlier today at One Utama to allow me some time to hunt for some much needed wardrobe replenishing key items and age defying skincare. 

I was in a bubble of peace and quiet where I could hear myself think. Where I could pick, shortlist, fit on and select pieces to bring to the cashier without chatter clutter and purchase boo boos due to diaper distractions. What a luxury!

However, my age defying skincare mission failed. The Dior skincare counter at Isetan One Utama had shut. I guess it will be Isetan KLCC as usual for me then. 

In that short time at One Utama, I managed to score 2 scarves at 70% discount, a pair of slacks and top at special discount from M&S, and 3 blouses from Isetan (mostly vouchers redemption and cash payment was under RM50!). Excited and anticipating good wear out of those pieces especially for my upcoming birthday and Chinese New Year. 

Self-restraint was quickly put in place as I admired some heels and digitally printed purses at Aldo *pats self on back for not buying wardrobe white elephants*

Ended the retail therapy by checking out and paying for my loot at Poplook close to midnight. Especially love how all the long sleeved blouses are fully lined and shariah-compliant. Shame to me for missing out on the recent sale for pondering too long though. Oh well, win some lose some. It evens out, right?

Alhamdulillah! What an awesome way to end my 38th. It had been a challenging year but I am now optimistic to make my 39th more meaningful. May Allah swt increase and bless me with health, wealth and guidance. Amin!