Thursday, 5 February 2015

Snippets: Road Signs

We have had some interesting chitter-chatter of late, some being more notable than others.

Now that The Little Girl can read and pronounce Malay words (with her own phonics-infused slang), car rides are quite interesting whenever she calls out names of places when she reads road signs along the route we commute on.

"Johor Bahru!"
"Shah Alam!"

Then she nonchalantly asked,"When are we going on those staycations again?".

She is right! Hampshire Mummy sure could use a holiday, in sha Allah, someday soon when the rezeki arrives.

As for now, a-schooling we go!


  1. Such a smart girl! Does she learn how to read in school or do you teach her as well at home? I would like to help improve Laith's reading skills, so far he can read the the first few Peter & Jane books. do you have any suggestion?

    1. Salam Puan L,

      Try Jolly Phonics? It is also available online if teachers at school aren't already using it.

      Have fun reading to Master Laith!

    2. Our reading journey had been a long one and still has many years to go. I started reading to my children when I was pregnant. When they were born we just continued. It is interesting to note how they recognise words, pictures, try to articulate words and later on form sentences.

      I wish I can introduce more in Malay and French!