Friday, 20 December 2013


Hello again! We are back from the suburban-year end shopping getaway at One World Hotel (the suites come highly recommended).

Well, LaundryMonster is being fought as I type this. Can only get to the details of the staycation after this battle. 

On the home front, my SIL will be home this weekend. All by herself. Business class return. How awesome is that? Two whole weeks without her 5 kids! I'd say she well deserves this treat!

Here is an early Happy Winter Solstice Festival and Merry Christmas. Happy New Year 2014!

My new year resolution are as follows:
1. Keep my temper in check.
2. Keep my mouth shut when angry.
3. Say nothing if there isn't anything nice to say (quiet blog this will be!).

Tough year ahead! Wish me luck and keep me in your supplication. 


  1. Great new year resolution and I need to do the same!

  2. Hi Sheela!

    Let's do this together :) glad you dropped by.