Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Tired Mother

Sure, I have lots of laundry and ironing to do nightly, so much to catch up with the back log; that I sometimes shudder whenever The Little Girl has another change of clothing. Never mind Bean because somehow he is fine and clean despite eating. 

Emphatise with me. Tell me it is ok. Tell me you would feel the same fatigue as I do.

Just don't come and paint a silver lining behind my dark clouds.


Go away.

"Let's just be grateful we have clothing to wear and laundry to do."

First world problems, you'd say. I am so selfish, I'd agree. 


Can never win in this empathy vs. sympathy dilemma. 

In conclusion, let me get this off my chest then back to work; and work on that pile till it is gone. Even if it is just for an hour.


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