Friday, 27 December 2013

One Day At A Time

Don't grow up too soon, kiddos!

When we first had The Little Girl, my MIL use to compare her endlessly to her youngest cousin brother, who was born 3 months earlier. 

Don't we all agree that the difference of 3 months is a HUGE difference when it comes to babies?


I cannot stop my MIL from doing what she likes. So over the years, I had developed a "keep-myself-sane" tactic to shell myself from kiasuism. That way, she gets to say whatever she fancies, I just smile and move on. Every time I let slip, I get into trouble - so I learnt the hard way to just zip it.

Now with Bean, he is very blessed not to have any cousin his age. The fortune in not spending too much time with my MIL has also shielded him from this verbal comparison.

The Other Half and I are more than happy to let him achieve his milestones at his pace. No pressure. We did not coach him to roll over. Or crawl. Or eat. Or speak. We just let him be confidently himself. 

Sure, we care for him, sing and read lovingly, give him lots of cuddles and kisses etc. same as we do for his elder sister. 

Whenever we see my MIL and she starts putting negative ideas into our heads, we negate those for Bean through a silent prayer. Why speak negativity into life?

Let's just seize the moment, enjoy him being a baby, kiss those cute toes and snuggle up to warm fuzzy head that smells like butter cookies.



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