Friday, 27 December 2013

The Sususaurus Updates

The Little Girl was breastfed directly for 35 months before she was introduced to drinking Anmum formula (and started acting weirdly, going off solid foods - but to name a few).

We then tried switching her to UHT fresh milk. Her hormones started getting out of whack. The Other Half and I started researching into hormones injected into cows to produce more milk, faster; just to meet human demands. The reality is that humans do not really need cow protein or calcium in order to grow as alternatives in organic beans and legumes can be far more superior.

However, we were too late into the game. The Little Girl had grown attached to her bottle and nightly routine. So we thought of the next best option.

When the above supply run out, we have another brand. Same thing, different paddock.

We are still feeding her organic cow milk. Seriously, I feel that it is a little bit on the expensive side due to air freight charges whatnots that makes it RM13/litre.

The Sususaurus drinks about a litre per day. 

Please share with me, if you know of a better option. Is organic goat milk better, since it is also sunnah? Can we just replace with organic soya milk without jeopardising her hormones?



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