Monday, 30 December 2013

Farewell 2013

What is your New Year Eve plan?

Ours is to huddle at our home windows for the KLCC fireworks, eating oat porridge for supper and kissing The Little Girl on her chubby cheeks. Hopefully Bean won't cry, and if he does, he will very safe and secure in our arms joining us for this family tradition we started since moving here in 2011.

To think that this time, last year, he was but a bean. Look at him today, a 6 month-old with chuckles when tickled and twinkle in his eye when he smiles.

The Little Girl has grown physically and emotionally. She was the only child who became an elder kakak when her brother was born, she who fought her battles in sibling rivalry so zealously when she didn't need to as we have more love than ever for her. If only she would embrace that truth. In time, in sha Allah.

Good bye, 2013. Thank you for all the wonderful, memorable days, including those filled with trials and tribulations.

May Allah s.w.t. Bless us all abundantly in our strive to be better. 

With much love from my family to yours, Happy New Year!


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