Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Hunger Striker & The Ferocious Eater

Yes, I have this and readily confess that it makes my life that much easier. 

The Little Girl is on her second spell of hunger strike but drinking more organic cow milk. Wish me luck. Coaxing her to eat is a theatrical act. Consistently driving me nuts too, but I have to remain calm/collected/constant in practice...I often feel exasperated and remind myself that patience is key in faith. She likes cooking and baking, but not eating. Please suggest more ideas that I can try out!

On the other hand, her younger brother loves eating. Bean prefers to hold, cut and mash his own food so I don't always have to purée his meals. He has semi self-weaned breastmilk at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Still feeds directly before his morning nap, his afternoon nap and evening before sleeping. On a good night, he is happy to sleep 7 hours before needing more. Alhamdulillah!

Do consider purchasing the book or App,  especially if you have a pre-schooler/toddler and baby combo; and have run out of cooking steam. I mean mojo.

Bon appetit and happy cooking!


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