Sunday, 12 January 2014

Calcium Propionate

Google it and you may be shocked to read about how this commonly used mould inhibitor as a baking ingredient has crept into our daily bread; and its effect on our brains and behaviour. Especially in young children.

Just exercise caution as a consumer. Better yet, bake your own loaf. With a breadmaker, it really is quite simple!

I have nothing against the said bread producer, or High 5 for that matter. I am merely noting this down for my tracking of my daughter's behavioural progress/change in our quest to eat as cleanly as possible.

When I am too busy to bake our own loaf, we buy Gardenia (raisin juice extract and vinegar are used as natural preservatives) or Adventist (sprouted seeds are really good for you).

In the meantime, a note has been sent to The Playschool for change of bread. Interim measure would be to pack a breakfast bento box for The Little Girl (read as even more work for me).

I shouldn't be complaining. It is part of my job to ensure my family eats healthily and in sha Allah, remain strong and healthy.


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