Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Maulidur Rasul

What a joyous day! Happy blessed holidays to all. Greetings of peace, love and joy to our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw.

We spent our day at One Utama hunting down qibao and samfoo for The Little Girl and Bean respectively. The Spring Festival celebrations are coming up and we have been invited to the annual party at the The Playschool. The stalls peddling CNY goodies have been set up and we bought the new clothing at the Cherilee booth.

Happy with our success, The Little Girl had her "Mummy Time" extended for another 20 minutes as we decided on the spur of the moment to pay a visit to The Secret Garden.

MasyaAllah, the weather was gloriously comfortable and blooms of the entire garden greeted us. It has been some time since we walked two by two holding hands, silently. The joys of quiet company is rare! 

Water features, pond, buzzing bees. The light scent of garden with such refreshing aroma, tantalised our senses and renewed our bonding. Honestly, we even completely forgot we were on the rooftop of a large shopping mall!

If you are free on a weekend or public holiday, do head to this free rooftop garden. Access from the lift near New Wing Secret Recipe and press The Secret Garden button.

Have a great walkabout!


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