Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Chinese New Year

Gong Hey Fatt Choy!

As a Muslim revert, Chinese New Year is a cultural keepsake for me, as rememberance of my ethnic background and not much else. It would have been so different if my parents were still around, or if I had any siblings.

Firstly, we will be dressing the two kids in traditional costume on the first day. Qibao for The Little Girl, and SamFoo for Bean. These costumes will be worn again during open house at The Playschool. The Playschool runs an awesome culturally correct syllabus so I am having it really easy, apart from having to look for a peony motif peach or dusty pink headscarf for myself this year.

A small gift of Ang Pow will also be handed over on the first day of Spring Festival to my children. It is just a gift, and perhaps sadaqah if we happen to meet other children celebrating. We have no Chinese relatives, no reunion dinners and no traditional ushering in of the lunar new year.

The Little Girl enjoys watching lion dance, acrobatic troupes and traditional bands perform at shopping malls. Her annual highlight!

Yes, we have some mandarin and tangerine at home. But of course! Part of our fruit intake. No store bought cookies this year as we are watching gluten intake of The Little Girl, and may have to bake some ourselves.

Reunion dinner will be the usual simple dinner we eat at home, or perhaps a treat of Japanese meal at the hotel next door, children permitting. My in-laws have not suggested reunion dinner either so it will just be quite ordinary.

No, I am not obsessed over the luck predictions/ year and elements as all those are plainly syiriq to me. All I can do is pray for safety, health and happiness.

Really simple, yes? Do share how Spring Festival is celebrated in your household.


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