Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

The Little Girl went to bed last night at about 9.30 pm. A little past midnight when the KLCC fireworks started, she woke up smiling, crept up next to The Other Half and together they watched the dark skies fill with blooms after blooms of myriad of colours. I will remember the sight of them both staring out of the large glass windows for a long time yet.

The Chinese invented gun powder and fireworks, inter alia. I wanted The Little Girl to be proud of her Chinese genes and legacy too. However, explaining details would be TMI at midnight and I did want her to return to sleep. Maybe next time, at day time. Alert, let's learn everything up time.

Alhamdulillah she did resume her sleep. As soon as the glorious fireworks were over, she complained about not getting more. After some coaxing, she did fall asleep again. The beauty of my sleeping 45 month old.

Bean was fed just before midnight so he was still in my arms the entire time. He slept through it all. The loud explosions and shaking tempered glass windows roused him a little but he was so content and secure to just be held in my arms. His breath, so precious. 

At breathtakingly beautiful moments such as that, I forgive The Flat for being so expensive to maintain. I forgive the lack of laundry space, inefficient wet and dry kitchen design, high power consumption and lack of green lung. But I do not forget my goal of moving someplace more sustainable, efficient and green.

This year had better be a better year than  all the years prior. We have to work hard to make at least 4 lives happy, healthy and worthwhile. May Allah s.w.t. shower us with His Mercy and Compassion.

Happy New Year 2014. May all your resolutions be kept and wishes come true.


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