Friday, 11 July 2014

Doctor, Not!

I decided not to see the doctor yesterday as there was no fever to accompany my flu. 

This morning, I took Telfast and Panadol, lots of fluids. I slept through and even missed my online piano class. If you are in South Yarra, Melbourne, be sure to look up my piano guru, the fabulously inspiring Miss Melysa Soo-Hoo!

On another note, The Other Half and I did the test run yesterday, a drive to The Big School as practice for next Wednesday morning. MRT construction is rife and The Other Half got paranoid after a few close brush with cranes and lorries, tight lanes and pot holes. I am praying he will stick to the lane furthest from the MRT site. I just want to say a prayer to keep all road users safe, Amin!


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