Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Happy News

Syukur alhamdulillah I felt like a whole burden has been lifted off my shoulders this week.

This blessing came in the form of an email from The Big School addressed to The Other Half and I for The Little Girl with regards to her placement offer following the entrance examination last week.

Today, we met the Registrar and she very kindly conveyed that The Little Girl is a bright spark whom at age 4, scored 100% in her science paper. English is not a problem paper as it is our first language at home, but we certainly need to work on her Bahasa Melayu, and eventually Mandarin.

"That spirit of curiosity and wanting to learn must never be killed with tuition after school. Children need a childhood, time to play, being away from screen and device, and that The Big School will strive to provide conducive environment for the child, your child, to thrive as a functional and thinking person".

So wise. So ideal. 

Of course, we are all very proud of her achievement and celebrated by paying the rest of the school fees for her January to July 2015 Reception Year. My proud mummy moment very quickly turned to praises to Allah swt for His Amanah. We, as parents, must always give our best to nurture and love the best we can.

We also met the teacher who observed The Little Girl during the entrance examination. She noted that The Little Girl is a confident person. A quick school tour put a sweet ending to the day at The Big School for us. The sincerity of the teacher we met, is heartfelt. I feel safe with her, what more The Little Girl. 

The traffic on our commute route was heavy, something we can do nothing about other than look forward to months of quality time catching up with each other in the car. I'd better get on with compiling a good mix of songs.

Those of you who prayed with me, for us, thank you from the bottom of my heart. May Allah swt bless you all abundantly and answer your prayers too.

What made your week so far? Please do share!


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