Sunday, 20 July 2014

Little Treasure

Ramadhan is flying by so fast this year. I was really anticipating this special month this year and now it is already in its final week. 

Part of my favourite housekeeping activity that helps keep me busy throughout the day is to spring clean my closet. I would like to think this simple exercise keeps tab of where my garment direction is headed for. 

The biggest personal defeat so far is the return of the ever practical denim pants. With two kids under 5 to carry, walk with, run after and basically rough out with, my good old denim pants keep me covered without compromise. They are not too tight, so this is a personal challenge for me for the next two years. I comfort myself by not buying skinny jeans. 

Volume skirts that are not practical for running after two kids (I still keep a few of them as I love the colours), polyester shirts that go static crazy zap zap zap at the supermarket trolleys, abayas too large that were also made from polyester instead of the rich and lovely Dubai material, a pair of hardly worn flats, short sleeved tops that no longer make the cut in a hijab-centric closet...a couple of baju kurung that were never worn before...

May the cleaning lady who finds the goodie bag be thrilled with her Sunday find. May those pieces of garment colour her life more than they ever did hanging in my closet. 

Now the upcoming challenge would be to pack compactly for our upcoming overseas trip!

Suitcase within a suitcase, vacuum pack, pack enough for only 4 days and we have access to the washer and shops. Wish me luck!


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