Monday, 7 July 2014

Post Sahur Thoughts

Day 9. 

Not the most fun symptoms to have when fasting, PMS that is. Backache is the most punishing so far, along with cramps. But fast I will, with His Grace and Mercy.

One day last week, I was so dizzy I broke my fast at Zuhur. That was also the day I stayed up after Sahur to catch up on ironing. One precious day, wasted. I failed in my endurance and faith test. 

Lesson learnt. 

My body needs that extra 2 hours of sleep before I power on the rest of the day coping with my active pre-schooler and toddler. 

Speaking of pre-schooler, please send her your best prayers as she will have to sit for a written assessment for entrance qualification to a school of our choice. 

She is all but 4 years old! Those chubby baby hands have morphed into a pair that can write alphabets, draw stick figures and craft, cut with scissors, style dolls, pull apart Lego bricks with such dextricity. 

I pray she will not play dumb, play possum, sing silly songs, utter demented nursery rhymes and scare day lights out of the assessors. Even if she does not pick her nose would already be a plus point. If mums of those sitting for A-Levels have a long prayer, trust me to say that I pray just as long for my 4 year old.

Big school.

Big milestone, baby! You can ace this! Amin!

Bean has been making progress too. He now cruises, pushes all our dining chairs all over the place like a walker, plays peekaboo actively with the happiest chuckle, crawls for hide and seek and does the 180 degrees turn to face forward when he is being carried. He can climb up our bed, and knows to turn leg down first when coming down only after one time of teaching him. He has been climbing up the Stokke too, to our alarm! Gotta watch him like a hawk, this one. He does things quietly, unlike his sister! 

I cannot help but feel like The Little Girl is a soaring kite, and Bean is my anchor. Such joy and cheer they bring, SubhanAllah!

Do you enjoy watching your little ones grow as you grow too? Please do share!


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