Friday, 4 July 2014

The New Routine

How is your fast going, my lovelies? Do you have a special routine every Ramadhan?

My day starts at 3.30 am. Rice in the cooker, make hard boiled eggs, reheat home cooked beef dish, wash and cook one type of vegetable, place dates, serve water and make a hot drink. 

Almost always the same!

After a couple of days, of course we start to vary the dishes. Like instead of chia seeds sprinkled on rice, we use sesame. 

Instead of steamed broccoli, some fresh slices of cucumbers. Today, we had steamed ladies fingers and they were the sweetest!

That is just the physical sustenance.

What is more important is our soul through solat and Ibadah. The Other Half gets priority in performing Subh prayers, as Bean is almost always awake for his feed. Nothing pleases me more than seeing him, The Other Half, have such a productive start to the day. 

I do wish so much my journey of faith will grow in the solat department, both of keeping to prayers and understanding my prayers completely (Arabic is not my first language so it is like learning a new foreign language in my case, which I truly enjoy). 

May Allah swt make way with ease. I can feel His Blessings and He truly answers prayers. 

Let's all grow together, keep going forward and increase our faith, Amin!


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