Wednesday, 23 July 2014

More Happy News

We have decided Bean will be joining other toddlers at age 23 months at The Playschool The Little Girl has been going to since she was 23 months. 

We know The Playschool is a great place to be at that age. 

We know the caregivers, teaching assistants and home room teachers are loving and trustworthy. 

We know the programme and themes are engaging and interesting. 

We know the daily timeline is conducive for having fun and learning without forcing. 

We know the fees are reasonable although it is on the high side by comparison. Retention of good teachers and administration staff, good maintenance of the infrastructure all come with reasonable price tag. At least, what we pay for is what we get and not being shortchanged. 

We know the commute and emergency response time will be within our coping range.

In hindsight, we made the right decision to start The Little Girl off at that age because she is now sociable, adapts well and is full of life, sans the first few weeks of separation anxiety!

We know this will provide a good peer play environment for Bean, socialise with his peer and basically learn while having tonnes of fun. 

The few hours when Bean is away, will be filled with working (The Other Half) and household matters (myself). Knowing us, it will be high speed productive hours before school run(s) rule the day.

So, here is more prayers that Bean will love what we have planned for him, Allah swt ultimately Decides. Amin!


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