Friday, 22 August 2014

Beningbrough Hall

Shopping is not the only activity in York, do not let me mislead you into thinking that that is all there is to York.

In fact, York is full of touristy places to visit. 

Yesterday, we went to Beningbrough Hall. Walked its gardens, watched the cow graze, admired the grand house with all its exquisite contents, taken by surprise and marvelled at how tedious laundry process was then treated the kids to not one but two sessions at the playground, enjoyed lunch al fresco with buzzing bees, shopped at the quaint little souvenir store and vouch to return for seconds next time, in sha Allah!

If reading the above paragraph tires you out, imagine what sensorial overload it must have been for the little ones!

May I just suggest that you do not hurry when visiting this place. Be ready to spend at least 3 hours to have good cover of the entire estate. Have fun!


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