Friday, 22 August 2014

York Designer Outlet

Take three!!!

Our bargain hunting stops here, today, as we ready ourselves to pack and leave for Newcastle bright and early tomorrow.

All 4 of our luggages are bursting at their rims, expander zips loosened and some pre-loved items had to be donated to Oxfam to make space.

What did we buy exactly? Children's clothing. After the currency exchange rate, the amount we had paid for is still lower than what we would pay for back in Malaysia. Just doesn't make sense to me. Some of these clothing were produced in Malaysia and yet all we see are items made elsewhere being sold in Malaysia. How can we ever lower our carbon footprint if the textile and fashion industry won't change for the environment?

Kids grow so fast we stock up for their next one year. Every time we do this, it frees up my shopping time in Kuala Lumpur to focus on work/quality time with the kids.

But I digress.

Digressing further: Incidentally, the IGCSE results were announced today and my eldest nephew scored 10As, 1B. Some of the As were A plus! It will be hard to top this young chap. We foresee him going to Cambridge or Oxford, in sha Allah.

That all said, I bid you goodnight. I must finish up my packing and be off to catch some much needed sleep before the 2.5 hours drive up to Newcastle. 


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