Friday, 15 August 2014

Legoland, Windsor Resort

We walked from Holiday Villa in Leinster Garden to Paddington Train Station, rode the train to Slough, changed for Windsor Eton Central, rode the Legoland Feeder Bus to destination then walked towards the entrance.

Results: very tired set of 3 parents with 6 overly excited/famished/thirsty young persons and a toddler screaming blue murder for milk!

Since we were divided as to points of interest, we broke into two groups and my little family stayed together, as our pace is more holiday making, less go go go!

Point to note: the baby change room and toilets are very near the entrance/exit. Go before entering the play/display area/shops; or else leave it till just before you leave. There were far and few within the park itself.

Halal/vegetarian salad bowls and sandwiches are available at Hill Top Cafe (the view from the picnic tables are breathtaking, panoramic of Windsor Castle, Heathrow Airport and London skyline!). Unfortunately, both my hands were full and too busy to capture a photo.

This picnic lunch was my personal highlight as I nursed Bean and held him during his nap while The Little Girl enjoyed the vista.

The traffic flow would have been better if it were a one way street to prevent buggy/stroller/pram congestion especially when the rain pours and everyone is scampering in all direction to find some shade.

The above is a photo of The Pirate Shore, comedy for the young and old alike. This was the only show The Little Girl managed to watch from start till end without having to stand in any queues. 

All the other queues were far too long. 20 minutes and above during summer is a little too unbearable for us.

Next time, in sha Allah, I will just book the hotel at Legoland Windsor Resort for convenience. Perhaps even consider the Legoland in Johor (if the sun doesn't kill me first!).

The better alternative and scenic option would be to book a hotel suite in Windsor, and take the Legoland Feeder Bus from across the street. One day of Legoland, one day of Windsor Castle Walkabout and leisurely shopping at the town square.

Extra proud of not buying more Lego sets to add to those we already have. Let creativity prevail with what we have because if every set is so limited to its theme, it defeats the purpose of creative building. Isn't creativity the core ethos of Lego?

In conclusion, syukur alhamdulillah for this gift of 3D2N break at London and Windsor. We had a fabulous time learning lessons we can keep for a lifetime. 


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