Saturday, 16 August 2014

Jorvik Viking Centre

The Little Girl totally enjoyed herself there today, learning about how the Danish Vikings invaded York and settled down to form a kingdom. 

The "train" ride with multiple choice for audio explanation made the display more believable, complete with smell!

Much to my surprise, Bean enjoyed the exhibits too! The clear glass looking into the dig, and train ride had him spellbound  as he was clearly taking it all in. 

All in all a good outing, and one that almost did not happen as we had to wait for quite a long list of little incidences today: Goji takeaway lunch, Friday prayers, Bean to awaken from his afternoon nap, the workmen who were coming to repair the leaky roof, a trip out to Sainsbury's and gray skies to clear.

In conclusion, when He Wills it, it is done. Syukur alhamdulillah! See below for the double emphasis of His Will be done (or what is not meant to be won't happen)

P/S: scored a gun colour Longchamp Backpack at Fenwick for £59. Bean now can have his little stash of clean diaper, wipes, water bottle and snack for short excursions! I had been hunting down this useful foldaway in KL for nearly a year, only to be told that they were sold out. Made in France. Total score?!

On the first day I was about to head out the door with this brand new backpack, the button came apart. A quick trudge to Fenwick and a £59 reimbursement later, bye bye Longchamp it was. 

On a high note, the kids were treated to a second round of Jorvik Viking Centre, thanks to proximity between the two places.


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