Sunday, 17 August 2014

York Designer Outlet

Take two! 

We all woke up bright and early today at 5.30 am as The Little Girl had a disturbing dream. Since our intended destination opens at 9am - 5pm on Saturdays, we drove to Fulford to arrive before 9.30 am for choice parking. We clocked in at 9.15am!

Lunch was fairly early at Wagamama by 10.45am before the crowd set in. Tea break was at Thornton's Cafe at 2.30pm.  We managed to drive back to York for Bombay Spice takeaway dinner by 6.30pm. 

There were mini drama episodes as Bean did 3 rounds of dirty nappies, and The Little Girl refused to leave the play area even after nearly two hours of obstacles courses, bouncy castle, ropes and slides...but all in all a good buying escapade with much bargains. 

Brownie point for the building owners/managers since our 2012 visit: refurbished parenting rooms (options for within male toilet, or within female toilet so dads can also bring kids to the toilet and leave the mums free to shop). 

Each parenting room now comes with drop down change table, roll of change liner sheet, seat, toddler toilet, adult toilet, sink and Dyson hand dryer, bun for dirty diaper and bin for sanitary waste, 3/4 length mirror and hook on door. Huge improvement from before!

Additional parking slots for parents with children scores another brownie point.

Bravo, York Designer Outlet!


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