Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Darussyifa Bangi

This is tough for me to blog about. In the end, I prayed about it and will share this true account to motivate those who are in two minds about seeking divine intervention in the course of healing oneself from illness.

Do not let the "was was" whispers stop you from seeking Him.

"It is good to be home. Laundry done, unpacking completed, suitcases stowed away until the next vacation, new school term - all part and parcel of homecoming after a good holiday abroad."

What we did not expect, however, was to deal with "evil". Unseen. Disturbing. Whispering. Dark.

I woke up on Tuesday morning, 2 September 2014, determined to set things right after what seemed like an eternity of viciousness since we arrived home on 24 August 2014.

I was fed up.

I had to do something constructive instead of feeling helpless and sorry.

A quick discussion/verbal exchange between The Other Half and I, followed with packing the children up for a day out at Bangi. Road trip, we told The Little Girl. She was excited to skip first day back at school! Bean is honestly too young to "protest" and will enjoy any day out!

We arrived at the Darussyifa centre in Bangi at about 11.30 am and quickly wrote our family name down for registration. After waiting for about 30 minutes with no one going in to see any Ustaz, I approached someone at the registration desk to ask.

One Ustaz asked us to return "after Zuhur". We were no. 8 on the afternoon clinic wait list.

Another quick and bright plan was hatched to feed the kids their lunch at Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya, Café La Vista to be precise. That proved to be a wise move as the kids ate, walked about, freshened up and was ready for the second instalment of "adventure" aka the waiting game.

We returned to Darussyifa Bangi, a close 5 minutes drive by car, at about 1.45 pm, parked the family car at the Surau nearby and waited. 

And waited. (The kids walked all over the waiting area.)

And waited some more, as if testing our patience. (The kids walked all over the waiting area some more and got quite agitated, as if testing our patience.)

Finally, we were called at about 3 pm by Tuan Haji Abd Rashid.

He asked gently, what happened and I replied, in Malay, "gangguan", the equivalent of "suspected disturbance by the unseen".

He then prayed over me using nothing more than verses from the al-Quran, tapped my back gently, occasionally blowed air into my left ear and held my left thumb.

At one point, I felt heated up, my left thumb felt like being electrocuted and something stirred from the left side of my lower back. Immediately I felt nauseated but did not vomit. 

Ustaz Abd Rashid asked me to pronounce my shahadah, which I did with some fumbles and twisted tongue. It wasn't easy. Strange.

The Other Half was also prayed over and he felt like something was being pulled out of his mouth as he was being prayed over. It wasn't as dramatic as my experience but he feels so much lighter now. Less furious. Less snappy. Strange.

We are now convinced that this Islamic method of healing through prayers, supplications, drinking of bidara-infused water and bathing in bidara-infused water are non-invasive and gentle. It takes faith to know and belief that this method of healing works by His Will and Grace.

What led us to seeking such divine intervention, you may ask.

Night terrors.

The wasted half days for an entire week.

The wasted precious daylight.

The wasted precious solat times.

The rage and fury from lack of sleep. 

The crumbling of routine preventing normal household activities, school, work. 

It was one vicious cycle.

Ustaz Abd Rashid advised that the unseen wants to pull us to Hell and we must prevent it by striving to be the best Muslims as we can possibly be.

So here we are. 

Trying our best. 

Home before Maghrib, cleaning the kids up by 6.30 pm, supplications for a goodnight sleep at bed time and trying to be steadfast in our solat.

To my BFF who shared her experience in healing her dear husband using the same method, I would like to record my note of appreciation and really say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart. 

Thank you for staying close to me via SMS, encouraging, troubleshooting, praying for me and being a great BFF when the going was tough and in helping to hunt for the bidara leaves. Thank you. Syukur alhamdulillah for He sends great helpers.

(Strangely, the leaves had somehow dwindled into insufficiency and thus nearly hindered the entire course of treatment, so The Other Half, Bean and I drove to Darussyifa Bangi on the Thursday just for extra bidara leaves. Fortunately, The Little Girl had an afternoon with The Grandparents at The Flat Upstairs.)

What a chapter added to our walk of faith. Hopefully one that we do not have to repeat. Lesson learnt.

May Allah accept our repentence and grant us Ease, send us Taufiq Hidayah towards The Straight Path and shine His Light on us. Amin!


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