Tuesday, 30 September 2014




Question: Weren't the UPSR examination papers locked up prior to the introduction of the new SOP today?


I admit I do not have children sitting for the UPSR this year but I care for the children under our family education trust who are writing their UPSR exams. 

They are 12, from low income families and have on average 3 other siblings and live in a village near the school. Their only way out of poverty is through education. 

Some were bright students with stellar results but some merely cruised through 6 years of primary education without fully understanding much.

Desperate as they are, I know these children have not resorted to cheating for better academic results. In fact, the Advisory Council Members are glad enough to see 90% day to day school attendance per annum, and satisfactory term examination results. Please do not drop out of school. Please attend school until SPM. Please do not work for money before then.

Sincerely hope that such dirty tactics will not happen again. The Malaysian education system has to improve for the sake of our future in this nation. 


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