Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Jewelry With A Black Outfit

Before I came to know Islam, I used to wear a lot of black skirt/pants suits with white shirts at work. In the legal faternity where I was, it was the dress code.

In order to break that monotony, I used to don necklace (or two!), a pair of earrings, bracelets and rings. 

Then, I committed one of my biggest fashion faux pas/boo boo during my early days of reversion and wearing the headscarf.

I gave away ALL my statement necklaces and pearls to my BFF simply because I did not experiment with wearing them over and on my headscarf. 

Now that I am quite adept with wearing the headscarf in more ways than one, I am "itching" to "decorate" my headscarf and finding refreshed styles to experiment with, I am going to remind myself of these few simple guidelines:

"Black is the easiest colour for women to mix match their choice of jewelry from ghetto gold, sparkling diamonds to bold statement colours. As black is a versatile colour, there are various types of looks which women can pull together and style anywhere they go whether to the office, dinner parties, birthday celebrations or weddings. 

However, women tend to have some confusion on how to choose the right selection of jewelry to pair with the neckline of their dresses. There are 3 jewelry choices for women to add into their fashion wardrobe in order to obtain a magnificent as well as stunning look.

1. Statement necklace

This choice of jewelry is perfect for the ladies who has an outgoing personality and likes to be creative in their own way. It is true that statement necklaces are a bit hard for a woman to pull off but with the right statement necklace, your black dress will definitely look ravishing. The statement necklace and black dress look is suitable for women to wear to a semi-formal dinner party or birthday celebrations."

Mental note: statement necklace will be perfect to brighten up my all black outfit. I think I may just match the burst of colour with one of my handbags or pair of shoes! Maybe I will start with something discreet, such as this:

"2. The Pearls

Pearls are seen to be the utmost classic jewelry which used to be the popular choice for women back in the old days. However, you could also bring it back in style by wearing nice pearls earrings or necklace to exclusive party events or weddings. You can never go wrong wearing pearls with a black coloured dress as it compliments your entire look perfectly."

Mental note: my all time favourite are double strand pearls! I can go from a work related meeting to a school run to a wedding to a wake in my pearls without having to fuss over wardrobe change!

"3. The Gold/ Silver

For the ladies who prefer to stay in the safe zone, opt for the simple gold or silver jewelry collection. There are a wide range of silver and gold jewelries available in the market which will be suitable to wear to any occasions. Women do not have to spend hours of thinking on what jewelry to wear as silver and gold ones will never go out of style."

Mental note: zakat emas for items of gold not worn, it is high time to bring some out to wear soon. A clever/more affordable idea would be jewelry in gold finish, as those lying idle will not attract any zakat emas.

Now, excuse me while I shop for some jewelries and play dress up!

P/S: All photos credit to Zalora.


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