Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Malaysia Day

Tiring Tuesday indeed. 

Alhamdulillah for the 10 am piano lesson, 11 am lunch date and 3 pm swimming lesson today for The Little Girl.

Bean had a slightly different day with Gymboree Play Class with his peers, followed by a lunch date with The Other Half and ends sweetly with a recuperative afternoon nap. 

Adorably, his peers consist of a younger brother of The Little Girl's swim mate, and a younger sister of The Little Girl's Playschool mate. It is endearing how the set of firstborn and another set of second born have parallel lives! It is like these 6 children see each other on an almost daily basis, sharing different activities in the same city area. Inevitably, the parents become natural acquaintances, if not fast friends.

Well, by evening, we dined out as a family of four while the car was being washed and vacuumed; and came home by 8 pm for an early night in. 

All that in peace and harmony, double alhamdulillah!

Happy birthday, Malaysia!

P/S: the Hokkaido Milk cake my friend had brought over has my name on it, toodles!


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