Thursday, 11 September 2014

Kempen Sopan-Santun

I was reading about this current local movement to "save" Malaysia and cannot help but feel like joining the bandwagon.

Start of my community service message:

I have many a times told queue-cutters off. 

Sometimes I tap them lightly on their shoulders and point to the end of the line behind me. At other times I politely reminded them, "please queue up." 

When I get all fumed up because the queue-cutter has cut in front of me, I would and did tell the cashier not to ring up the offender's basket of goods because the person had gotten ahead by cutting queue.

I admit it is wrong for me to feel ashamed for voicing up for my right in line. Heck, if I cannot voice this up, how else can I protect myself? 

Furthermore, what moral values would I be showing my children? I certainly do not want my children to think that it is alright for them to jump queue! 

Or worse, that standing up for what is right, is wrong.

Where do these incidents normally occur?

I will share my top 3 with you:

1. Isetan KLCC supermarket till lines. So what if you have only 1 bottle of mineral water and it won't take as long? Go to the express lane! Which caters for less than 5 items. That means 6 bottles of the same mineral water falls into regular till lines, not the express lane.

2. Suria KLCC ladies toilet. Notorious! The paid toilets are not as crowded but occasionally the queue-cutter harass there too. 

3. Madam Kwan KLCC door queue. Not only there is no line, they wait outside all over the corridor and stop the traffic, literally. 

Alas, the situation worsens on weekends!

I find that the polite folks go to Little Penang Café. Single line, queue against the shop facade and not block the passage way. Regimented, disciplined and best of all: self-regulated. Bravo!

The next time you get your right in line infringed upon, please speak up. Politely. 

"Please queue up."

"Sila beratur."

That should do it. It has always worked for me.

Do NOT say "kurang ajar", or throw provocative accusations like, "awak buta kah?!". That is just getting low into the gutters of bad manners. Statements like that can and I have seen them spiral into cat fights and end up ugly.

Let's start to correct our manners in public. Please bring back the glory of "Sopan-Santun" that was once part of Malaysia. Kindly practice the nation's 5th Rukun Negara, "Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan", with heart.

End of my community service message. Thank you.


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