Thursday, 22 January 2015

Entrance Assessment Preparation

We knew what we were in for after we had registered The Little Girl for a spot in our school of choice back in 2012. In retrospect, that was the easy part. 

We told ourselves we had 2 years to prepare for the entrance assessment, so we let her grow up and develop her love for learning through play. In her own time. That trust, knowing that she will be just fine, was occasionally peppered with doubts from my MIL who is a worry-wart. Which in turn stressed me out just a little bit, to be honest. My MIL's anxiety was slowly put to rest as The Little Girl started to bloom.

By and by, she learnt to read at 3 years old, properly held a pencil to write legibly at 4, counted and solved simple arithmetic at 4. Although her peers were comparatively faster at achieving milestones, we continued to let her play. At this point, my MIL was more assured that her precious granddaughter would cope, pass and maybe even excel at the "dreaded" entrance assessment. 

Those books above were games to her. We bought some which we thought would cover the basic English, Math and Science topics. She was never forced to complete anything within them. What we did do was left some copies on the dining table for her easy access, with colour pencils at her independent disposal. Choice. Free reign. Decision making on her part.

She even asked me to pack some of those to bring along during vacations and we always did oblige with smaller box of colour pencils and some stationery.

The rest were prayers. To Allah swt.

We were nervous about her being declined at The Big School so we prayed very, very fervently and steadfastly. We put in effort, and she did her best for her age. We then waited with bated breath for the results and offer. The Big School punctually replied within a week. Phew!

Good news came to pass so here we are, at peace with our choice and thankful for the opportunities, obediently accepting the challenges and hoping to grow from obstacles. Alhamdulillah, and we are ever so grateful to Him.

With Bean in tow, we will be keeping the above games, puzzles, worksheets and mazes. In sha Allah we will also be updating them when Bean's turn comes.

How do you prepare for your younglings' entrance assessments, my lovelies? Do you feel it is overrated and should be abolished? Please do share, I'd love to read your thoughts!


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