Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Homework Journal

There is a simple SOP every Thursday. The class teacher pastes a list of homework, packs all books and worksheets into the school bag and upon dismissal of class, we bring the "luggage" home for some reality check.

Today, Mrs. R ever so sweetly said this during parting,"Welcome to Big School!" with just that hint of cheekiness. 

After settling The Little Girl down, cleaned and fed, rested and even played, we got down to work. The golden rule I have learnt and applied is to never request her to do anything before her physiological and emotional needs have been fulfilled. It is not too demanding but reasonable and understandable, in my opinion.

We sat together and sorted out the books according to the subject list given and put a tick for every match. Through this simple elimination process, we discovered that another Maths book is short and will be brought home tomorrow; after a quick SMS conversation with her assigned Tutor to confirm. 

She then started on her work independently while I prepared dinner; and I peeped at her work every now and then to see if she was progressing well/faced any trouble/started daydreaming/forgotten all about homework. To be honest, she can be quite focused and fast. Not the neatest handwriting but acceptable for someone who is 57 months young.

After about 20 minutes, we then happily checked off the tasks already done, complimented her on her good effort put in and refueled ourselves with a hearty dinner. 

Whatever outstanding homework that were not done, we saved it for later in the evening after cleaning up for the night. A relaxing shower and some soaking fun in the tub helped wind her down. 

Interestingly, she agreed to finish up the remaining pages then tidied up for tomorrow. After all, her motto is "play only all weekend long!" MasyaAllah I agree 100%!!

It sure looks like a trip to Art Friend is necessary this weekend as we stock up her art supply for arts and crafts at school next week. That, I am more than willing to complete *shopaholic grin*

Please do share how you and your little ones complete your homework, if any. I'd love to hear, my lovelies!


  1. My Laith rarely brings back his homework. He leaves school at 3.00pm so most homework is done with the teacher. However since he attends Tahfez kindergarten, he is required to memorize Surahs. So most of the time me or OH would put the Surah on our phone and on repeat and we would memorize it together with him :)

    1. Salam Puan L,

      Wow! How many Ayat(s) for Master Laith to memorise per day? I am intrigued and want to try this method with my little ones, in sha Allah.

    2. Salam,
      We normally memorise the whole surah together. He hasn't started with the long Surah(s) yet. The longest surah he memorise now are Ash Shams & Ad Dhuha. Alhamdulillah:)
      Yes, you should try donit with your smart little ones too :)

    3. Thank you for your kind tip! We shall try, in sha Allah. Have a great weekend, Puan L!