Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Last night, Bean woke up at midnight and refused to sleep until nearly my waking up time. He still carries the fever since vaccination on Monday. The final results? The Other Half and I were dadbie and mombie, respectively, today. We slept for about 2 hours each?

Despite my "hang over"/sheer exhaustion, I drove The Little Girl to Big School. As we were running late, I took the tolled road option via MEX. Every minute that we had saved, we spent by sitting in the jam on the access road leading up to school car park. Win some, lose some.

As usual, my 4 years 9 month young lady absolutely cannot keep her mouth zipped for long during car rides. 

Credit to the new routes unfamiliar us, she observed and commented on a few things today. Here are highlights that still make me feel all fuzzy inside after a long day:

1. "Mummy, the sun wakes up on East in the morning and then it moves up, up, up, then down, down, down, to sleep in the West." (She then tried looking for North and South base on finding East on her left hand side, followed by East on her right hand side). We will figure out Qiblat and solat times someday, in sha Allah.

2. "Mummy, I saw a lot of boxes on the hill." (We were driving past a cemetery). She then asked about her late uncle, T2's late grandma and where I will be when I die. Morbid, but at least she is pondering and using her brains!

3. "Mummy, I saw two red doll houses with some people inside." (We were driving past two red huts hosting idols within, Datuk Kong?) I launched into a small caution speech about never touching anything on the roadside, never playing with any such objects and not to disobey me on this one. She asked about a million "why" so in the end I had to veer off the topic when it got too heavy for me. I was not prepared to explain monotheism, Islam, etc. at her level of comprehension so I told her I will research first and she agreed to ask again next time. For now, she knows those are NOT doll houses. Phew!

I wonder what heavy topics she will think of tomorrow *gleeful anticipation*

Heavy topics, kalah morning radio crew who were on air today! Speaking of radio, I listened to 92.9FM for the first time today after a long interval. They had a short segment called "I-cannot-take-it-anymore Day" and the Andrew-Sara tea-coffee comment made me laugh. It is too long a story to repeat here though. The point is, it has been too long ago since I last laughed out loud listening to radio on my own in the traffic jam. 

That, my lovelies, me-time was the best cure for my hang over. Alhamdulillah!


  1. Alhamdulillah. That brought tears to my eyes. Bless you, darling S.

    1. She always mentions Nana when we pass by Gleneagles and sometimes recite the al-fatihah so earnestly my eyes swell up.

      Al-fatihah, Mama Elena.