Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Terrific Tuesday

The Other Half dropped The Little Girl off at Big School this morning.

I spent an exclusive 1-1 quality time in the morning with Bean, alhamdulillah! Priceless, as Bean is as adorably cute as a button at the present moment (he is my son, of course I would sing praises of him). 

Later in the morning, we went out to run some errands. The highlight of "errands" was Bean's haircut. He cried the entire place down, no change from his previous haircut. Let's hope it gets better from now onwards.

Now let's return to the point of this post now that I have deposed of preliminaries.

On our way back to fetch The Little Girl from Big School, I realised that The Other Half has not figured out the location of Big School in totality. He is familiar with only one route and that route alone. 

That meant spending more time on the road going home to start the journey to Big School (his solution) versus going to Big School from wherever we were at (my solution).

He was the driver, but he reluctantly agreed to my solution. Due to a MRT construction road diversion, we got "lost" as in we had to take a road less familiar. The amount of time spent ended up being the same as if we had taken the familiar route. Luckily, we made it to pick up time on the dot.

Which brought me to question myself if I have got the location and route all figured out. Regardless of where I am going to start the journey from, I can find the Big School?

The reason why I dwelled on this simple point is quite plain. In case of emergency, regardless of where I am, regardless of whether I have my Garmin/GPS/Waze etc, can I find my way to The Little Girl in the shortest time possible?

On a spiritual level, no matter how lost I get, can I find my way back to Allah swt on time?

Since The Other Half knows how to with absolute certainty, even if it is just one single route, maybe it is a pure blessing of The Straight Path?

When I came to realise that, I forgave The Other Half his cluelessness with directions. He is right all along. I am the one who has too much mental clutter of options, distractions and brain fog. *lighbulb moment for me*

In conclusion, it may not matter which way we use as long as we get there on time *hums the familiar tune where caravans were written within its lyrics* Revelations from Him, SubhanAllah the clarity is astounding (to me).

Have a wonderful evening, my lovelies!


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