Friday, 9 January 2015

Terrifying Thursday

It is the prolonged monsoon and my dryer broke down last week. All I can conclude is we need a dryer as there is no place at all to hang our laundry out to dry.

LaundryMonster is so gigantic I have chosen to turn a blind eye. As long as we have some matching clean clothes for everyone on a daily basis, I tell myself, "Good job, don't stress." It is an accomplishment for an OCD person who likes empty laundry baskets with no pending items to iron.

Instead of buying a replacement model right away, The Other Half and I decided to call Electrolux service centre. That was Monday. Someone at after sales service call centre mentioned someone else (a field electrician) will call us on Thursday but no call came in today. 

Which left The Other Half and I high and dry. Pun intended.

Which got The Other Half thinking about Electrolux as a whole. He is not in favour of a new Electrolux dryer now because if we were to encounter any problems with the new unit, in future, we would be calling the same number with no response. 

Which led us to Bosch in Publika. We sat in a 2 hour crawl just to get out of the city from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm. After a crappy dinner at a reliable food franchise, we marched to Bosch. Dismay followed when we discovered that the discounts they offered us had lapsed last Sunday. The unit we short-listed, a 7kg condenser dryer, now retails at RM3600 instead of RM3000. The RRP is RM4xxx! That is the price before warranty, before delivery quote and disposal comes with separate charges. 

The same Bosch 7kg condenser dryer is selling at RM2999 from our regular electrical shop known as TBM at Bangsar Village, comes with 5 year warranty, free delivery and free disposal of old dryer. 

You would say it is a no brainer after the above comparison, right?

In my view, as the end user, the product warranty should be 5 years, and my Electrolux did last me during the period. It served me well. My only grouse is with the after sales service, or the lack thereof.

I guess, the Electrolux will not get my consumer dollar this time. Wish me luck for smooth sailing purchase, delivery of my new Bosch because if the new unit gives me problems, The Other Half is going to put on a smug face and let me call for after sales service help (and hopefully help will come).


I don't like his smug face and I don't have much time to sit around to call the service centre and listen to the pre-recorded sales pitch. Oh, please let the new Bosch find a happy home in my laundry room for many years. Amin!


  1. We don't have a dryer but we are considering to buy one. My MIL suggested Electrolux haha. Perhaps I should do more research on this

    1. Dear Puan Leila,

      Please consider the following before buying: vented or condenser, wall-mounted or ground level or stacking, capacity, 2-in-1 or separate.

      Happy hunting!

      I have a 2-in-1 as well but nothing beats drying sheets in a dryer of at least 7kg capacity.