Monday, 12 January 2015

Welcome Home, Bosch Dryer!

The replacement dryer arrived at noon today, alhamdulillah! The slot we were given was between 2 and 4 pm. TBM under-promised and over-delivered. Awesome!

I managed to see it placed before rushing off to pick The Little Girl up from The Big School. The weather was scorching hot, the sun was shining brightly. You'd have thought the sun was mocking delivery of my Bosch Classixx 7kg dryer!

We can now safely confirm that I am not a hoarder. Sure, it felt a bit sad to see my old, out-of-service, Electrolux dryer go but I felt close to zero attachment to it as it was being carted out of The Flat through the service door. The 7kg condenser dryer had served us well, thank you Electrolux for the glorious 5 years. The physical built was as new as a pin! Alas, it spins no more and the service centre's lack of response did not do it any justice.

Time to move on and make space for Boschie. Welcome home. Bismillah hirrahmahnirrahim. May you work hard and outlive your warranty period, Amin!

P/S: forgot to snap a photo of the former dryer for keepsake! 


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