Monday, 12 January 2015

Snippets: Banter

1. The Little Girl was served chicken kurma with rice and vegetables today at school lunch. Her review of the dish: "The chicken is not Chinese, Malay or English." Trust me, you don't want me to repeat my "short speech" on racism here. Let's just conclude she now knows to use adjectives such as spicy, salty, sweet, aromatic, etc to describe the chicken dish *broke a sweat there* 

2. The Little Girl's first peer pressure. Her exact words were,"But I want to ride the school bus with my friends." "We will see about that, young lady," came my quick, instinctive reply. After the earlier racism discussion, I thought I will spare her this "lemmings jump over the cliff, it does not mean you must too" (let's save this herd mentality for another day, I do not want to overload her). This is a repetitive request so my opportunity will come soon. 

3. Summary of mass/sunlight penetration/how clouds are made of water droplets/how water droplets have no colour on its own when asked why do clouds sometimes look white, gray or black. This was my favourite topic for the day. It is perpetually scientific and neutral, the quality of my parenting style will not come into question, ha!

Don't I just love car rides with her? If she keeps this up I may have to start to tag her witty/ignorant/cute/rude/sarcastic and sometimes borderline smart remarks.

What are your banters with your mini-you(s) like, my lovelies? Please do share!


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