Saturday, 10 January 2015

Finally Friday

What a grand week it was! 

During an impromptu weekly summary meeting The Other Half called, we recounted the key events, took cognisance of areas to troubleshoot and proposed resolutions for trying out next week. We will keep workable methods and discard distractions.

We hope to be more efficient and effective as a family, targeting to cut down time wasted on the road, have more home cooked meals and generally aim to settle the kids down to our new school-centric routine. 

Were there minutes, you'd ask. 


The Other Half has timeline, financial projections, key action points etc. scary, right?

Honestly, this discipline works and he loves cracking his whip. I feel the pressure, mais bien sur, the greater good has to prevail. He runs a tight ship, and I must acknowledge that the new routine stresses him out. 

I feel like I have a Boss at home. A very KPI-driven Boss *pengsan*

Now, let's enjoy the weekend and relax before Monday comes to bite me on my behind!


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