Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Did I share with you how I have been stuck in the unstylish slip on headscarf aka "tudung express" for 5 years?

I have finally ventured out of my comfort zone (stumbling block in the faith and fashion sense) after not being able to find anything to suit my style and lifestyle. Increasing difficulty of buying anything suitable has "forced" me to throw caution to the wind and experiment.

And experiment I did!

One day, whilst crossing the link bridge from Ikano Power Centre to The Curve, I chanced upon Bokitta! 

In a stall! Free to touch, feel, try on and cart home without the anxiety of missing the PosLaju delivery, what fabulous answer to my prayer this must have been.

I tried on a few and bought about half a dozen. Two long volume skirts as well, being the shopaholic I am.

Now after a couple of months, I am happy to report that I love the convenience of Bokitta slip on headscarves. A few seconds and I am out the door!

The choice of colours and fabric excite me as much as the lack of pins as wearing the traditional stylish headscarves with pins can be quite hazardous to Bean and his ever curious fingers. The perfected pincer grip is quite a threat to my hijab, sad to say.

The cotton maxi Bokitta covers my chest properly but I must also confess that the chiffon maxi Bokitta feels lighter, softer and prettier whilst serving its purpose of providing proper coverage.

My only downside is that I have a high forehead with thin, silky hair. This biological combination poses some trouble with the hair band which comes with the set. I have resorted to wearing my Bokitta with an inner cap purchased separately to catch all my hair, especially those fine fly away ones. Made of light polyester material akin to those used for swimwear, the likelihood of finding a shade to match the Bokitta is relatively high. I tend to buy the entire rainbow palette when I chance upon comfortable inner cap as this basic item is just staple in any muslimah's wardrobe.

If you are contemplating whether to don the hijab or find that the traditional styles too tough for a beginner, do give this a shot.

Let your inner faith shine and be reflected in your outerwear. Beauty with modesty! May Allah swt grant you ease in this wardrobe journey! Marathon of faith, meets sprint of fashion. You have my very best warm welcome to donning the hijab!


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