Thursday, 29 May 2014

Take Two

The Little Girl is 4 years 2 months today and she is moving to her own bedroom. 

It has always been hers, on loan for 11 months to Bean, as she preferred sleeping with me on my king size bed.

I am praying so hard this time she will stay in her room. It was her request and initiative so I hope she remembers her covenant. 

Piano, doll house, personal toys, own bed with favourite sheets and duvet! She even get the privilege to invite two soft toys to cuddle. We still need to add a desk with seat for her activities and later on for studying.

What age do you deem appropriate to allow children to have their own bedroom and space? Are you one who experienced Gina Ford success from birth? Pamela Druckerman? Dr. Spock?

Please do share your valuable tips and experience!


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