Friday, 23 May 2014

The Chance Encounter

The annual pap smear appointment with Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian was made about 3 months ago and the appointed day finally arrived. Yes, I am  always excited to meet her.

The pleasantries were exchanged, Nurse Fiza remaining cheerful with Dr. Seri looking more radiantly youthful than ever (those air wuduq is a serious elixir of youth!).

Procedures then began as standard as it could ever be. Everything looked good in the ultrasound scan. No unplanned pregnancy, fully healed cervix, ovaries with normal follicles etc.

Kegels were good, I could even see my  pelvic muscles doing its round of exercises. Bladder control was neat. Passed with flying colours, so to speak.

The most comfortable pap smear was to follow.

Then, a little piece of surprise showed up.

Something "had casually grown on my uterus wall...something small and shiny...something abnormal like a cyst ripe enough to be pricked and its liquid contents withdrawn into a clinical syringe and had to be sent to the laboratory right away kinda something" caught her keen observation.

She advised for the pap smear to be done first, and it was noticeably comfortable as a small speculum was used, complete with a gentle swab which felt like an ant bite with no embarrassing or strong protests from myself.

With that agenda of the day out of the way, she presented my treatment options.

We decided very quickly as impromptu and quietly as the cyst had grown, to have it removed there and then with just local painkiller. Some light bleeding followed, sufficient to be taken care of by panty liner. No medications, no hospital stay, no antibiotic. It went as swiftly as it had come. I paid, then drove home with the rest of the day being up and about as if had nothing happened.

Life goes on.

No news is good news.

I am praying so hard it is benign, with nothing more to worry about. If it is malignant, I will have plenty to worry about with my family and children being so young. Thank you also for your kind du'a.

Moral of the story is: Annual pap smear. Please do not overlook this simple self-care step. Book your appointment already!


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