Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Eleventh Month

It took me forever to get to the eleventh month with The Little Girl, and comparatively shorter with Bean. Being busy with life, laundry and school run had led me to this illusion. 

The days and nights have merged into passing months without me fully grasping weeks and dates! Such flurry. Such haste.

Bean now says, "Dadadada" when calling The Other Half, utters what clearly sounds like "I want my Dadadada" when The Other Half is away for work related matters (utterance of which makes me swoon at his full sentence since a couple of months ago).

The swooning does not stop there. Bean reserves his happy squeals and mischief for The Little Girl, whom he addresses as "chechecheche" which sounds like Jie Jie in Mandarin. Bless! She is a very loving sister, territorial and possessive at the same time. Sibling rivalry has toned down but not dwindled into oblivion. Not just yet.

The most special sentence to me is at night before his night feed at bed time. "I want my mama" with the unmistakeable and distinct cry for milk if I were busy reading to The Little Girl. His way of asking for my undivided attention, direct latch and cradle to sleep before The Other Half places him into his cot for the night.

The point is, babies grow at their own pace. While Bean is only standing up by pulling himself up and gently lowering himself down again, others have started walking. 

Some eat better than others.

Some sing more than others.

Oh, Bean! We would not have you any other way. Thank you for brightening lives with your cackles and antics. Alhamdulillah!


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