Thursday, 15 May 2014

Social Media Fasting

Each of us has a different journey.

Each of us has a different test.

May our journey and test happen in ease as opposed to hardship. 

This is one tough journey for me at the moment. Spiritual fasting, that is. Specifically narrowed down to social media fasting because this is my ultimate comfort and I would feel the most amount of sacrifice (I don't watch the television so unsubscribing ASTRO doesn't jolt me).

So I chose the very thing with highest degree of 24/7 escape, enjoyment and distraction. 

Firstly, I had to leave a very strong bond within a group in Facebook. The direct and immediate results were fascinating. I freed up time for non-online activities and started to smell the coffee again, so to speak. 

So it is true that if we find it hard to cut a negative activity, we can fill it up with a positive activity. It being time. Scarce. How scarce. Irreplaceable.

Why fast? Specifically why spiritual fasting?

My intentions are simple. I need to be ready soulful and mentally for Ramadhan. Freeing my mind and leaving it to be as clean as possible a canvas is vital in purifying my heart and thoughts in order for repentance, forgiveness and glorification to come into my dry spiritual life, by His Mercy and Grace. 

Oh, how my weary soul heals for He is so Forgiving. So abundant is His Blessing I cannot possibly enumerate every single one.

Today is Day 3 and I cannot wait to embrace more rejuvenation.

Next up: purposeful praying.


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